What Clients Say

“Beth is a very personable and professional group facilitator and trainer. She is especially good at communicating with employees of diverse backgrounds, and she knows how to engage people during her trainings. With her good work, Beth is helping us shape our organizational culture.”  [a Corporate Vice President]

“With Beth’s coaching and thoughtful guidance, I was able to sort through what at first felt like an overwhelming amount of employee concerns, and be able to clearly focus on the issues that mattered most and that I could have the most success in addressing. Her objectivity and calm reasoning really helped me to keep a positive perspective on effective ways of listening and gathering important feedback from my staff that resulted in well thought-out solutions.” [a Division Manager in a Bay Area city]

“The team building . . . drew people out to say how they feel, what they need, and what they see as obstacles. So, it really brought us closer together as a unit and perhaps served as an explanation for peoples’ behaviors. We are in a pressure cooker business climate and I felt with your facilitation it grounded and bound the team to what ultimately will ensure our success.” [a Director of HR]

“Beth has the unique ability to truly connect with a diverse audience, to understand and appreciate the culture of the organization, and to quickly hone in on the issues that matter most to the group in order to start addressing core problems.  Through her helpful facilitation, our staff was able to successfully resolve concerns and long-held negative perceptions that were holding back positive morale and team effectiveness.” [a Division Manager in a Bay Area city]

“… gave a lot of useful information & was very good at adapting it to our work setting. Beth was very charismatic & personable, made you think for yourself how you could use the information in everyday situations.” [a training participant]